Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of the people in the projects we visit and enhance our traveler’s experience without interfering with global progress.

Our Objectives

Tourcan Vacations, servicing Canadian Travelers for over 30 years in the world of Exotic Destinations, is giving back through an organization we have established dedicated to helping the countries we support. With this key objective in mind, Enriching Lives International has been formed. A not for profit organization, Enriching Lives International will assist any community in any country, including Canada.

Our goal is to make the world a better place and to get you, our valued clients and travel professionals involved.

Our Projects

Enriching Lives International is already involved in projects throughout the world such as India, Peru, Tanzania, Kenya and El Salvador. We have partnered with local agencies who know each of the regions and the specific needs of their communities.

We’re engaging with local companies to obtain items such as clothing, medical and school supplies that our guests will assist us in distributing when visiting our projects. What sets us apart is the fact that our guests get to witness & engage directly in our local communities.

How We Work!

All donations will go towards our various projects around the globe, including Peru, India, Tanzania, Kenya, and San Salvador.

Effective Mar/18, Tourcan Vacations is proud to pledge $10 per passenger booked on any tour towards Enriching Lives International.

Clients will be offered an opportunity to visit and engage with the people of each community where we have a project and see the power and joy of giving back.

Through humble beginnings, Enriching Lives International will continue to meet our core goals which are to alleviate poverty, empower communities and, slowly and surely, change lives for the better.